General information

Applied as a vulcanizing agent in tire industry, mechanical rubber industry and other sectors. Milled oiled sulphur is a compound of ground sulphur and oil agent with antistatic composition that affects mechanical properties of rubber compounds, semi-finished products and goods. In addition to the above retardation of dust generation and lump formation of ground sulphur are obtained.

PARAMETER Rate as per Actual value
1.Mass traction of sulphur, %, minimum 98.50 98.98
2.Mass fraction of ash, %, maximum 0,2 0,01
3.Mass fraction of acids, %, maximum 0,02 0
4. Mass fraction of water, %, maximum 0,5 0,13
5.Residue, 014H-mesh sieve, as per GOST 6613, %, maximum 0.00 0,00
6. The number of mesh, min
6. Oil content in ground sulphur, %, within 0.5-1.5 1